European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer


As an independent, non-governmental, non-profit cancer research Organisation established under the laws of Belgium, its mission is to coordinate and conduct international translational and clinical research to improve the standard of cancer treatment for patients.

EORTC aims ultimately to increase people’s survival and quality of life by testing new therapeutic strategies based on existing drugs, surgery, and radiotherapy. EORTC also helps develop new drugs and approaches in partnership with the pharmaceutical industry and in patients’ best interests.

In addition to independence, EORTC is recognised for scientific and methodological rigor bringing robust datasets to doctors and patients for therapeutic improvement. EORTC covers all disciplines to fight against cancer. EORTC research leaves no one behind and addresses all patients, including patients with rare tumours and specific patient populations.

Over the years, EORTC’s clinical research has helped make significant progress in the treatment and management of cancer, evaluating new molecules, refining existing treatment regimens, identifying biomarkers and assessing patients’ quality of life.


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